Tuesday, April 28, 2015

A home restorer's dream projects: Whimsical, historical, and mind-blowing houses from all over

Working as a member of a home restoration crew, I've been exposed to all kinds of home designs which range from charming to traditional to futuristic to downright zany. Naturally, I've formed an opinion on the types of houses I'd like to work on or build from the ground up if I had a chance.

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Working on a centuries-old home sounds like it might be a worthwhile challenge, with the special care one has to take to maintain the spirit and history of the antique home. I'd love to be involved in restoring homes like Ernest “Papa” Hemingway's Key West abode and George Washington's Mount Vernon because it will feel like I'm a vanguard of America's past by helping preserve these homes.

Being part of the crew constructing or restoring structures designed by world-renowned architectural geniuses such as Frank Lloyd Wright, IM Pei, or Zaha Hadid will also be a realization of my dreams. Imagining being one of the people hammering nails onto the floorboards at Fallingwater gives me goosebumps.

Image Source: en.wikipedia.org
Homes designed with whimsy, adventure, and unparalleled creativity are also on my list. I'd love to try building a storybook house just like the popular Spadena House in Beverly Hills, California, which came out of art director Harry Oliver's brain looking like a fairytale witch's cottage. I'd even jump at the chance at spackling walls for novelty structures like Dick Clark's Malibu home that looks like it once belonged to Fred Flintstone and the coffee pot-shaped diner, The Coffee Pot, in Bedford California.

Treehouses also seem like they'd be fun to work on. Whether they're the like the Zen and almost spiritual, arboreal masterpieces self-taught builder Takashi Kobayashi's been installing around Japan, or the sleek, modern tree-level homes by German design firm Baumraum, or even just like a stepped-up version of the treetop forts we all used to have as kids, I'd love to get a whack at constructing a few.

Image Source: en.wikipedia.org

The homes I've mentioned all have unique attributes going for them, making them exciting projects for a home restorer like myself. I hope I'm able to build or restore places similar to these in the future.  

Hi! I'm Pamela Rothe and I work for a home restoration crew down here in Austin, Texas. Read my blog for ideas on how to bring your home back to its former glory.


  1. I never had a tree house but always wanted one...I am going to ensure that my kids have one in the backyard.

  2. Somebody should build me like that treehouse!